Astin Civic Engagement Scholars

Previous Scholars

    Tehya Baxter
Major: World Arts & Cultures
Community Partner: UCLA Community School
Project: Effectiveness of dance movement to further the verbal development of English Language Learners
Faculty Mentor: Barbara Drucker, School of the Arts & Architecture

    Kimberly Mendoza
Major: International Development Studies
Community Partner: Instituto de Educacion Popular del Sur de California (IDEPSCA)
Project: Examination of the health needs of day laborers
Faculty Mentor: Abel Valenzuela, Department of Chicana/o Studies

    Jocelyn Pacheco
Major: Sociology
Community Partner: Mark Twain Middle School
Project: Impact of mediation on middle school students
Faculty Mentor: Wellford Wilms, Department of Education

    Edgar Romo
Major: Sociology
Community Partner: Hamilton High School
Project: Evaluation of conflict resolution program for high school students
Faculty Sponsor: Val Rust, Department of Education