Astin Civic Engagement Scholars

Previous Scholars

    Christopher Butler
Major: History
Project:To discover what motivates college students to volunteer their time to tutor and mentor incarcerated youth as well as what meaning they make of the experience.
Faculty Sponsor: Mary Corey, History

    Cynthia Carvajal
Major: Political Science
Project: To explore the connection between the personal and political identity of undocumented students and their motivations to attend institutions of higher education
Faculty Sponsor: Robert Chao Romero, Chicana/o Studies

    Sasha Davila
Major: Art History
Project: To understand the relationship between community cultural development and muralism in Los Angeles.
Faculty Sponsor: Judith Baca, Chicana/o Studies

    Carissa Garcia
Major: World Arts & Culture
Project: To discover the ways an art-based, sex education effects dropout rates for high school students.
Faculty Sponsor: David Gere, World Arts & Culture

    Colleen Ma
Major: Geography/Environmental Studies
Project: To uncover the reasons behind the successes and failures of a community organizing group in Los Angeles by understanding the community responses to an affordable housing campaign.
Faculty Sponsor: Michael Lens, Urban Planning

    Alma Nunez
Major: Sociology
Project: To explore the different methods and activities used to engage high school students in math education.
Faculty Sponsor: Megan Franke, Education

    Tuanh Phan
Major: Psychobiology
Project: To explore the extent that teacher attitudes and preschooler participation in growing fruits and vegetables influence student intake of fruits and vegetables.
Faculty Sponsor: Elisheva Gross, Psychology