Astin Civic Engagement Scholars

Previous Scholars

    Radha Kumar
Major: Sociology
Project Title: Music and Self Esteem: Examining changes in students' self-esteem after participating in a guitar workshop
Faculty Sponsor: Jeffrey Prager (Sociology)
Community Partner: Create Now

    Haley Hood
Major: Anthropology Major, Education Studies Minor
Project Title: Creative Writing Community: Impacts of Creative Writing on Elementary School Students' Attitudes towards Literacy
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Tyrone Howard (GSEIS)
Community Partner: Nora Sterry Elementary School

    Howard Chung
Major: Study of Religion
Project Title: Analyzing ex-offenders' self-reported experiences of transitioning from prison to community life while participating in a faith-based offender rehabilitation program and receiving faith-based mentoring support.
Faculty Sponsor: Robert Chao Romero (Chicano/a Studies & Asian American Studies)
Community Partner: Prison Fellowship

    Gabrielle Bonder
Major:World Arts & Cultures
Project Title: Tolerance learning outcome from the MOT (what is MOT?)
Faculty Sponsor: Anne Gilliland (GSEIS)
Community Partner: Museum of Tolerance