University Studies

Faculty Advisory Committee
Muriel C. McClendon, Ph.D., (History) -- CHAIR
Robert A. Gurval, Ph.D. (Classics)
Frank A. Laski, Ph.D. (Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology)
Elizabeth A. Marchant, Ph.D. (Comparative Literature, Gender Studies)
William I. Newman, Ph.D. (Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences, Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy)

Course Instructors
Marian H. Gabra, Ph.D.
Dr. Gabra is currently the Director of Advising Professional Development. She has been a College of Letters and Science Counselor since January 2014, first with the Academic Advancement Program and now with College Academic Counseling. Prior to her advising career, she taught courses at UCLA in writing and literature. Marian earned her doctorate in Comparative Literature from UCLA in 2010 and her bachelor’s degree in English and Comparative Literature from Occidental College in 2002. Dr. Gabra’s academic interests include student development and retention, fostering inclusivity and diversity in higher education, comparative ethnic and literary studies, and interdisciplinary studies.

David Emiliano Zapata Maldonado, Ph.D.
Dr. Maldonado has been an Academic Counselor for the College of Letters and Science since 1995. He is a two-time Bruin alumnus, having earned his B.A in History with a Specialization in Chicana and Chicano Studies (Class of ’94), as well as, a Ph.D. in Education (Class of ’10). Dr. Maldonaldo’s academic interests include the study of academic success in higher education, student-initiated retention and outreach, critical pedagogy, and service learning. As an undergraduate, he was a peer counselor for the Academic Advancement Program and the Freshman Summer Program, a director for MEChA Calmécac (one of five student-initiated retention projects housed in the Student Retention Center), and a General Representative to the Undergraduate Student Association Council.